Posted by: DJM | April 9, 2009

Ganley Will Step Down If He Fails To Win Seat

Mary Minihan wrote in today’s Irish Times that Declan Ganley of Libertas says he will step down from leading the organisation’s campaign against the Lisbon Treaty referendum if he is unsuccessful in the upcoming European elections.

She quotes him as saying “I am seeking a democratic mandate. Without it I could not lead a successful campaign against the Lisbon Treaty.”

I’m looking forward to the European Elections even more so now!

Roll on June 5th!

Posted by: DJM | April 9, 2009

Govt. Abolishing Forum on Europe

From the Government Press Office

Forum on Europe to Close

The Government has decided to close the Forum on Europe, and to engage with the political parties to ensure that a broad-based debate on the European Union and Ireland’s membership continues within the ambit of the Oireachtas.

The decision to close the National Forum on Europe has been taken against the backdrop of the current budgetary situation in which the Government finds itself, and the necessity to review all areas of expenditure.

Since its establishment in 2001, the Forum has provided a platform for debate and discussion on Europe in Ireland. The Government acknowledges the excellent contribution it has made. However, the fact that it has provided a good focus for debate does not automatically mean it should continue indefinitely.

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Posted by: DJM | April 9, 2009

Teen Bailed


I’m spitting mad.  I am absolutely furious.  The teenager, Mr McGrenaghan, accused of dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to Garda McCallion at Tara Court Letterkenny, and of stealing a car at the same place on 26 March was released on bail by Judge Kevin Kilraine who heard evidence that the accused’s mother had €4000 in court with her.

Letterkenny Garda Station Book of Condolences

Letterkenny Garda Station Book of Condolences

So what?  So what if she had €400,000 with her in court?  Jamie McGrenaghan is charged with dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to a member of the Gardaí.  Of our Gardaí Schiochana.  The Guardians of the Peace.  And now this person is out on bail so that he can “live at home, attend school daily, and observe a curfew between 10pm and 8am”…  Garda McCallion is no longer able to live at home. It just makes me so angry.  It is not as if the accused could not recieve proper legal counsel in custody.  Where does the justice system stop protecting the accused and start protecting the general public.

The terms of bail include:

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